Saturday, October 10, 2015


Hello All,

Just a quick update on the Frostgrave project. Lots of progress! The F.A.T mat showed up.

This thing is gorgeous! For a 2D mat the detail is incredible. I have to recommend them highly.

For a test I started by laying out a 3' by 3' border. 2 display board borders from Secret Weapon miniatures makes a nice play area. I next set out the "Government Building." This is made from two sets of  Pegasus Games Gothic Ruins and large Gothic building.

Next I added some buildings from various sets. Mostly Mordheim, WH Fantasy, and  LOTR. Old Fantasy trees and bits from various terrain sets were added to block lines of fire. I even added a fountain I bought on eBay. 

Gargoyle added for ambiance

LOTR ruins

Spot the hidden Gem.

I just like the look of this one.
The statues add to the effect!

In other News

I have also been making progress on my All Quiet on the Martian Front (AQMF) forces. I have been focusing on tanks and Tripods 



On the airbrush table

MK II tanks weathered and gloss coated.

Martian Scout and assault Tripods
Well that is all I have time for right now so till next time.


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