Thursday, December 19, 2013

Journal 29-“Sweet Home Alabama”

Hello All,

Happy Holidays and all that. I just got back Sunday night from my first business travel ever. It was for a Christmas party that the company I work for held in their home town of Montgomery, Alabama. The wife and I got flown out and given the royal treatment (nice hotel, rental car, party at a fancy country club) then sent back safe and sound in time for Christmas.

Here are some random photos from the flight that I thought were cool.

35,000 feet

Montgomery Regional Airport

Straw bales next to the runway

In gaming news- I bit the bullet and bought the full version of Warmachine “war Room.” It is a nice App. Since I bought the full package I got all the cards for all the factions.  The battle controls look interesting but I will need to learn more about the game before I can really form an opinion. One thing I did notice was that army building section does not modify points when themed army rules call for it. This is a bit of a letdown as Forward Kommander (a free site) can do it. Hopefully it will get fixed with a later update.

Menu from the app

Well that’s it for now,


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