Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Journal 25- Space Wolves Finished Finally

“Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work.”

Hello All,

It's been a busy month! In October I dealt with many trials including but not limited to: Ants in my Kitchen (Gaaa!), My job changing contracts and me getting farmed out to a small 8A company from Alabama, The wife on vacation for 2 weeks straight (at home), and so much more. On the + side the space wolf army that I started in the summer of 2000 (That's pre 911 for anyone who cares) is finally finished!

For an army project that took 13.5 years to complete it's not that bad. My painting style changed several times as I learned new skills and the model style changed as well. The original force was made up of mostly metal 1st and 2nd ed space marines that were a cast off from a friend that wanted the all new (at the time) plastic 3rd ed Space marine kits. There is even a Grey hunter squad made up of the original 2nd ed Space Marines that came in that box set I bought in 1996 when I wanted to try the game out. Later I added more up to date models and even some real space wolf figures *Grin*. The last thing I actually bought for the army was "Ulrik The Slayer" to complete an apocalypse formation when the 2.0 book came out last summer.

Now that this is "done" I can concentrate on my next big project- The Reaver Titan!

Anyway here are some pictures of the models after I packed them into their personalized figure cases (1 Battle foam "Pack Go" and 1 converted gun case for the tanks.) I plan to do a proper army photo shoot real soon but for right now other things (see above) are still pressing!

Thunder Wolves!

Bikes and wolves

Standard Bearer (Converted dark Angel blasphemy I know!)

Stuff on larger bases

Njal (I have one of each)

Converted from Space Hulk

More Boss Types

I managed to get 70 Marines in a single tray

Close up

The second case is for weird shaped stuff and tanks

Well that's all I have time for today



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  1. It's taken how long? I gave you most of those when? 1999? 2000?

    They look good by the way. Cant wait to see them in person.