Friday, October 18, 2013

Journal 24- What the heck

You listening GW?

Hello all,

Just a couple of things. first do you think GW is going "Over the top"?  Check out their latest pre-order...

most of these sets are over 100 dollars each!

Personally I think they have gone here!

In other news I have started assembling some of my new KOW stuff. Here are some pictures of the partially assembled stuff.

6 partially assembled Elohi

the one assembled Elohi (I know the sword is bent)
That's all I have today




  1. Re:Gw and pricing etc. Beat a dead horse much? GW=! The Hobby. And their paints, well, not so good anymore. Enjoy The Hobby for its own sake :) Screw GW.

    So that Mantic KoW stuff... I hear the plastic-resin from which it is made is rather a PITA to glue. Your experiences? And I hope you do have fun painting them.

    I've actually ordered a few Reaper Bones minis for a new game, so I'm curious to see what they're like, quality wise. They sure are inexpensive compared to Infinity figs.

  2. IMO, in today's market, GW can afford to push prices only on their most iconic models. For everything else, I'll go to the competition. Especially paints!

    Likewise, in competition for hobbyists' time, I'll go to the competition and play other games. I only make an exception when the current fashion of my gaming group demands playing GW games.

  3. By the way, Bob, you might consider turning off the Captcha in your blog settings. You can set it to accept only registered users in order to prevent spam. It's a pretty good compromise that invites more comments and still keeps out the spam.

  4. G Red- I know complaining about GW is too easy these days. The paint packages just set me off as they are treating it like some sort of revolutionary idea to bundle a bunch of paints to make a specific color scheme. The only innovation on their part is charging up the wazoo for what used to be free advice in the magazine and on the website.

    The mantic minis take some getting used to. The Plastic/Resin “Restic” mix is stronger than the resin used by GW for finecast and does not have the bubble problems. It does seem to have more mold lines and the unprimed miniatures do not show the crisp details I like to see, but I think that is due to the nature of the restic material. Once primed the details show up. If you treat the models more like resin kits (Super glue over plastic glue, scraping tools over blades-stuff like that) they are not so bad. The material looks very much like the stuff PP uses for their “Plastic” kits

    I really like the Reaper Bones line. The material is a little weird as it is extremely flexible (almost like rubber sometimes) but it holds paint well and as advertised can be painted without priming. Personally I prime them anyway, but I did paint a giant Spider fresh out of the blister just to see what would happen. It came out great.

    Shades- I agree as I now have a decent collection of P3 and Vallejo paints and a ton of secret weapon washes to use and often the GW paints just stay in the cases (you remember the case based painting system)

    I am steadily moving away from GW products as their practices are becoming more and more out of control. Since the Eldar release (Where I fan boy purchased the lot) I have only bought 2 books (Apocalypse, and the SM codex) and 2 sets of spell cards (Lizard men and Dark Elves) I have not bought models or anything else from GW directly (Ebay and NOVA Open venders not withstanding)
    Thanks for the comments.

    Keep them coming.

  5. I've heard that about the Bones, but I've dealt with a few D&D minis, the soft plastic ones, and I hear the Bones are a bit harder/better. I've no problems cleaning minis with a razor blade...odd skills we develop in this hobby, eh? I ordered a few of the iconic character minis to go along with the new Pathfinder card game. ( latest hotness from this year's Gen Con) It is a lot of fun.

    Good luck with the Mantic minis. And use up those GW paints before they dry out on you. There are so many quality paints these days... Ah, I remember back in the late 70s when I began... Oh boy. We are spoiled nowadays.

    1. I know what you mean. My first paint set was mostly Testors enamels (Military Flats). I did not know what acrylics were till 1989. I think I still have a usable bottle of the Partha red. They really knew how to make containers back then.

  6. wow, they are up to $4 a bottle now? And only 12ml in a craptastic bottle to boot... Yeah... no thanks...

    I'm glad I switched to P3 and Army Painter. I love the Army Painter paints.

    I did start buying a few Vallejo recently. They are pretty nice too.