Thursday, August 22, 2013

NOVA Open is only a few days away

A new look?

Hello all,

It has been a busy month so I apologize for the lack of cool stuff. The Nova open is one week away and there are still many things that need to happen. At least all of the Tectonic pieces are put together and ready for deployment. (Pictures coming soon.)

We have spent the last few weekends doing the background work that (when done right) is transparent. Things like Inventories on supplies for the NOVA store, Prepping Swag Bags, and general pre-event   "this and that"; a thousand little details that need to be right so the event goes off properly. As I said it left very little time even on weeknights to post anything as most of the time I was busy or just too tired to mess with it.

If you are going to the event (and if not you should) be sure to take a moment and reflect on all the hard work that is needed to pull off an event like the Nova open. So If you see a member of the staff be sure to give them a pat on the back or a thumbs up to let them know you appreciate what they do to make our event great. I am sure it will be appreciated by them in return.

Anyway-I will end with this - My wife's concept for a warning sign for the Infinity board I built.

Till next time



  1. Now that you have built it, you have to play a game of Infinity on it. We can make that happen :)

  2. You've gotten some thing from Tectonic? Mind if I ask what it was?

    I contributed to that asshole's campaign, and still haven't gotten what I paid for and should have gotten 15 months ago.

  3. The pieces I have been putting together are for the NOVA Open Warmachine event. They are not mine. The only reason I had to put them together is because they showed up late and we were mostly done with organized building sessions.

    So far I have built Train cars (6), Hideaway Tavern (2), Craftman's Homestead (1)

    The Guys from Tectonic will be at this years NOVA. so if you want to speak with them that would be the place.

    On a side note- It bothers me that you have not gotten your Items. I missed the actual kickstarter for it so I did not know folks were still waiting for stuff.I had heard that it was really late but I didn't think folks were still without.

    I hope you get your stuff soon.


  4. Yeah, I plan to talk to him, but I don't expect it to accomplish anything. I've asked for my money back (repeatedly) and have been ignored.

    His campaign has absolutely been an endless series of stalling for time, and has easily been the worst Kickstarter experience I've had.

    I'm not alone: hardly ANYONE has gotten their stuff. As of two days ago, he's stated that his "ultimate goal is to get everything up to premium terrain packages out before 2014."

    I mean: crowdfunding runs late. That's just what it does. This has crossed the threshold from late into "probably a scam," though: it's 15 months late TODAY. Expected delivery date was June 2012. If it ships just before 2014 (and I have no reason whatsoever to expect it to), that's 18 MONTHS LATE.