Sunday, November 4, 2012

Commission Work

Hello All,

I'm here today with pictures of some Commissions I have done in 2012.I don't really do that many as my own stuff would never get done if I did. When I do I try to give it my all. First off I will start with an Infinity model.

First up-Infinity Rebot

Assembled with an apoxie culpt base

All painted up and ready for play
Up Next- Infinity Cargo Containers

Good Cover
From here we move to Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica

Here is my test pattern- Daedalus Class Large Flyer

Finally we move to the Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Army I painted in 2010. This time around I it was a Vermin Lord conversion  made from the Plastic Daemon kit and the Current (Still) Vermin Lord model. I think this is one of my better conversions.

The head is from the old Vermin kit the body of a Daemon Prince and hair of Apoxie Sculpt

The Base is made entirely from Apoxie Sculpt

Weapon is a kit bash from the Daemon prince

Top down view

Full frontal...

And here it is Painted:



Top Down
The finished Base. Check out the tail.
The Finished Weapon
Well that's it for now...
I hope you enjoyed.
Till next time


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