Friday, August 24, 2012

Meanwhile at the NOVA Factory....

From The Road to NOVA Blog

Hello All,

Just a quick update. This past Sunday we were busy with last minute NOVA details. The main focus was on Swag Bags. We spent hours filling hundreds of these things! I am not at liberty to disclose what went in them but I can say it blows the doors off of last year’s offerings. I look forward to hearing people’s thoughts on our swag bags during and after the event.

A job that I got assigned was to update and prep the official NOVA Open desktop computer.  This thing has seen some years but it is still a solid system for our needs.It will be available for list mods that may be needed as it has a current copy of Army Builder installed.

Lastly we had to get everything and I mean everything stuffed into the storage locker. MVB also mentioned this on his own blog, but I thought I would just touch on some fun facts:

  • The Swag Bags and VIP bags took 2 trips to move them all.
  • We filled up 2 SUVs and 3 cars
  • We had to transport almost all of the bags into the locker by hand as no carts were available.
  • MVB let us know that (if he wanted to) he could have done it all by himself… :p

Well that Might have been an exaggeration.  

It looks like we are almost ready for what will be the greatest NOVA to date!

See you there


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  1. See you at NoVA. :)

    Also, I'm good as long as that guy in the picture doesn't touch me. Kind of creepy looking, that one.