Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Jabberslythe- Model Review

Hello All,

RGH her with a quick review of one GW's newest models the Jabberslythe. The beastmen are finally getting some love this month with the release of two new kits. The plastic Ghorgon/Cygor and the Finecast Jabberslythe. I decided that the Jabber was the way to go since it seemed that Finecast monsters were pretty good (at least better than the infantry sized models) since I had such good luck with the Cockatrice over the summer. Boy was I wrong. :(

Although the finished model looks pretty sweet the build took three evenings to complete as I had to wait for the green stuff to cure before I could move on. The main problem I had was that the peices did not fit properly together. They were close and they did fit after a fassion but they always left gaps. sometimes BIG gaps that had to be puttied and cured before anything else could be done.

and I now own stock in greenstuff!

This model reminded me of the old GW metal models from the 90's that honed many of us "old timer's" to our sculpting skill levels. The days where quarter inch gaps were not unheard of. The only saving grace was that since it was resin I did no thav to pit it as well...

Here are some pictures of the assembled model.



RATING: (* Total Crap) Through (***** IT's the best EVER!)

Detail: ***** (Lots of interesting textures on the model that will make painting it fun)
Quality: *** (It's Finecast so it will only be so good)
Casting: ** (Way too many gaps. this is not a model for a beginner)
Finished apperance: ***** (this thing looks like something out of a nightmare I really like it)

Overall score: **** (Actually 3.75)

This is a good looking kit. I just wish the folks at GW would make sure it works before putting it on the Shelf. For 66.00 US it really should fit properly!

I will post pics of the painted model when I finish it.




  1. great review !!! keep them coming!

  2. Helpful review. I'm putting one of those things together tonight. I'm glad it has good detail on it for painting. I agree that at $66 US or £40 Uk where I am it should not have such gaps.

  3. I am glad you found it helpful. I am planning to do more reviews as time permits.