Thursday, August 12, 2010

recent works

Hello All,

This has been a slow week for me Hobby wise. I only managed to get a hand full of models finished. I did Manage to get a Fantasy game last Saturday. I brought out my Dwarfs and took on a tough WOC force at 1500 points. we played the full 6 turns and at the end I managed to lose. I had a good time. The Purple sun is a beast of a spell vs. Dwarfs. :(

Here is a shot of the battle

Recently I managed to get another of the splash releases for 8th ed.

Welcome the Bear!!!


There have been sightings of previously unseen Rat things in the cities of men. The only known image of these dangerous creatures is below...

I managed to get the Night runners unit completed a few days ago. They came out OK but I didn't build them just painted them. I could not get a good pic to come out so I decided to have a little fun with it.

Lastly The Great and powerful Lord Thanquol and Bone Ripper have been painted but still need to be hit with Dul coat.



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