Sunday, June 3, 2018

Retro Gaming

Hi All,

Last weekend my son came up to visit for Memorial day weekend. We decided it would be thematic for the occasion to play some oldhammer. We settled on Warhammer 7th ed after careful consideration (Mostly that 8th ed sucked!.)

Since we have not played this edition since early 2010 We went with only 750 points a side Skaven vs. Britonnia.

Guess who played Britonnia

Here are the highlights.

At the end of Deployment

The Skaven Army

The Britonnian Army

Britonia prayed to the Lady so the Skaven took the first turn

The Skaven bait a "Better Mouse Trap"

The poison wind morter team target the Knights of the realm killing one

The knights take the bait but...

Thanks to the Britonnian artillery (and some really lucky shots from the archers) the right flank
of the Skaven trap flees taking the General and BSB with it!

Two lance charges against a unit of Skaven slaves.

Well that didn't take long...

Unfortunately the Fleeing stormvermin (from above)
clipped the unit of Jezails and caused them to flee as well.  

The same thing happened to the Poison wind mortar.
Basically the right flank collapsed due to a luck shot.

The Knights then re-position to face the remaining Skaven unit.

Counter charge on my turn....

Sends them packing in short order...

Right off the board!

The Jezails Rally

The Damsel of the Lady comes out to face the Skaven Warplock engineer,
but the heroic Knights beat her to the punch killing the Evil Wizard.

A direct hit on the rallied Jizails sends them fleeing again 

The lone Jezail unit squirts the musk of fear and flees the field leaving Britinnia victorious!!!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did playing the game. Next time I will report on how my Wife's Wood Elves fared against the same Skaven army.

Till next time


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