Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NOVA Open 30K - Re-post from road to NOVA

Hello All,

The NOVA Open 2016 is over. What a show. There were lots of really great events. Today I am going to focus on or new 30K (Horus Hersey) events.  

First off lets take a look at these amazing tables.


30K Apocalypse

120,000 points of APOC resin and plastic. Enough plastic and resin to put several kids through collage. What a battle!

The Models.

Wow- 4 Warlord titans! There were also many Reaver  and Warhound titans. There were also more than 20 Knight titans and super heavy tanks! Here are some shots of the titans on display.

I also got a shot of these cool fighters 

launch all vipers!
Amazing work and I hope they come back next year!



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