Saturday, April 23, 2016

Age of Sigmar Ships!

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Today we are talking about ships. Specifically ships designed for use with AOS. As part of a really cool project for this year's NOVA Open the Building team has started working on two fleets for the Age of Sigmar Narrative event. I have also been informed that the Hobbit (Lord of the Rings) Strategy battle game will also feature Shipborne action in the form of the dreaded Black Fleet!

In the latest post on the Road To NOVA pictures were posted that show the beginning of the Armada.
What I present below id a side project for this event.

The Raider-

The Raider is a small fast attack craft designed to get close and board larger ships.  For it's size it can hold a large amount of troops.

The Raider is based on a late 13th century Scottish/Irish design that can trace it's origin to the Vikings several centuries earlier. My design has to take miniature bases into account so you will see the differences, but the concepts are the same. 

The basic concept
The design is based on left over pieces from my second project The attack sloop (more on this later) I had to remove the bottom of the Sloop model so it would sit flat on the table. Some of the leftovers became the bottom of the Raider and the mast. The rest was made with card stock. Following design concepts from the old Warhammer General's compendium I build the sides with a single piece of card.

I then made card planks and added those to give it mass and help it look right. I added some card planks to the bottom to make it look more authentic. at each end I added card covers to hide where the card sections came together.  Then I primed it black

 Using my airbrush I went over it with Vallejo burnt umber paint them Vallejo wood Brown and finally Vallejo wood brown mixed with a little Vallejo light grey. the mast (which is removable) was treated the same.

The peg near the base of the mast helps with the sail
The Sail was made from paper and was an extra from the sloop. I started by painting it blue

Then masked it so I could add stripes


Stripes painted black

finished sail

After going through my collection of stencils I decided a dragon would fit the bill. I only have a Chinese style in my collection but what the heck it is fantasy after all. :) 

I tied the finished sail to the mast and just like that the Raider was ready to start it's adventure!

Prior to adding the sail

Ready for action

Back of the sail

Adventure here we come!

Loaded down with angry Abyssal (Chaos) Dwarfs 

Can hold 17 models on 20 mm bases 15 on 25 mm bases

The Sloop (Johannes Eszett

The other project I have going is the War Sloop. The origin is a three mast ship wooden puzzle from Micheal's. I had to modify the design so it would lay flat (as I said above.)  I also modified the design to be a single mast sloop since the boat is smaller than the other ships we are working on. It looks fast so I think it will fit well. when I paint it I intend to hide the scale differences as much as possible. 

Well that's it for now. 


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  1. These look like they are going to be great. A lot of work but great!