Saturday, October 25, 2014

Attack Wing Tournament Announcement

From the Wizkids website

Star Trek: Attack Wing – Updated Suggested Tournament Format

Hello Star Trek: Attack Wing Players,
We wanted to say thank you for coming out to the Wizkids Opens and the ongoing in-store tournament support. The people we’ve met and the enthusiasm for the product is wonderful to see and we truly appreciate your support for this exciting and growing product. We have spoken with a number of you and are excited to announce a few changes that we believe will improve the experience for in-store organized play.
First off, in the coming months we hope to have an official rules forum set up similar to our HeroClix rules forum on We will also be doing this for our D&D Attack Wing game. Just as a reminder, you will need an account in our WizKids Event System to interact on this forum. We hope you will be patient as we set this up and understand that there may be delays in getting to everyone’s questions.
Additionally, we are going to be making a rather significant change to our suggested tournament format. Starting in November, we suggest that all tournaments have a minimum of 3 ships per player (for games that are 90 to 120 points) and a maximum point value of 50 points on a ship(after all cards are assigned to it) except if the base ship value is higher than 43 points. If the base ship cost is higher than 43 points you can still play the ship with the addition of up to 8 points for upgrades or a captain.
Additionally, we will be issuing an errata for the FAQKuvak is a Vulcan Captain.
• 120 Points per fleet
• 3 Ships per fleet
• 50 Points maximum per ship (at the start of the game) including all upgrades, captains, admirals, and resources assigned to the ship. During game play, it might be possible that you will exceed 50 points through game effects that let you steal or add upgrades to your ship.
• If your ship’s base cost is 43 points or more you may add up to 8 Points for upgrades (Crew, Tech, Weapons, and Borg) or a captain even if those cards bring your cost over 50 points.
• If there is a Blind Booster, 30 of your available Fleet Points are reserved for use with game elements from your Blind Booster leaving 90 points to build your fleet. The game elements in your Blind Booster may not be mixed with the 90 points from the rest of your fleet.  The Blind Booster ship counts toward the 3 ships minimum.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back from a break

Hello All,

I decided to take some time off from updating this blog (and the the Road to NOVA as well) for some much needed rest. During that time I have managed to get more settled into the new place and have gotten some hobby work done.

An attack wing event is coming up in two weeks so expect and entry or two for that but this one is about hobby projects.

So here we go.

 Attack Wing Ships

I decided to lay out my collection a few weeks ago to see what it looked like.

I also repainted several of the ships I picked up at the NOVA Open. 

The display board was from the NOVA Open Silent auction
Lastly I painted up a couple of ships I already had but thought they could use some Love

I have also worked on a few non ships for games like Fantasy, Warmachine, 40K and Hobbit

Chaos Dwarf and Great Bull Taurus 

Khazad Guard

Warmachine Mercenary 


Ork Big Mek

Well that's it for now

Have a great holiday weekend...