Monday, May 12, 2014

Terrain Post build (Short Post)


I found a few extra pictures I took of the commission terrain and I thought they would make a nice post script type entry

PS they look good with figures on them!




Saturday, May 10, 2014

I actually get to play some games!

Hello All,

Lately I have been able to actually play some games. As strange as that sounds I am rarely in a position where the main factors of gaming all come together in a convergence:
  • Time- I don't often have time to play full games especially on weekdays. My Saturdays are taken up by NOVA or Family business and Sunday's have become the only day I really get any rest. (Though this Sunday being Mother's day that is not happening)
  • Location- until recently the only place to really play was the GW store nearby as it was the only location that did not interfere with Time above. As they only allow GW games to be played it created it's own problems. (I'm looking at you 40K!)
  • Opponents- I often have no one to play against when I want to game. (Admittedly it's usually while I am at work in the middle of the day...) Even when I can muster up the energy to go to a place to play I often don't always want to do just pick up games. It's hard to get people to play what I want to do.
  • Enthusiasm- This one is key. Without it nothing good happens. If I'm not into it; it will suck. I frequently don't have that much enthusiasm on weeknights but I am getting better. Sometimes it's the system that does not click for me (Malifaux.) Or no one plays it nearby (Dystopian wars.) Warmachine has started to work for me even though I don't care for the background material so much so I am hopeful. Most of the time it's just because I am tired. ("Work's a B*tch")
Lately the 4 have come together several times to get me some actual game time!

I have been attending the NOVA NOMADS gaming clubs Wednesday gaming night. Here are some pictures from my last game. I am playing the Everblight army

The Emeny

Go get'em!

The Battle is Underway!
 Here are some more fun shots from other games going on

 I also got a few Games of Star Trek Attack Wing with the wife. She is a beast with the Klingons! Check it out
The Start of the Game (Federation vs. Klingon)

The USS Equinox

The USS Excelsior


Old Klingon D7 squares off vs. Excelsior

The Equinox running for it's life 

The Wife showing off a cool combo

Close up

The Battle is heating up!

Who to kill first?...

a funny coincidence

The start of the turn

The end of that turn

Parting Shot- Equinox did not make it through the next turn.

 Anyway these were some fun games and I hope to get more soon. Wood Elves just came out and the wife is making noisee about taking her army out of retirement to try them out.
That's all the time I have for now

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Terrain #6 The final cut

Hello all,

The Terrain project is finally done!

Original requirements- (all had to be multi-system usable.)

2 40K hills
2 Fantasy/Warmachine hills (Has to be usable for both)
1 Building
1 lake/Pond
4 to 6 wall sections (customer ended up buying his own so removed from list)
2 Tree bases for 40K, Fantasy, and Warmachine
1 Ruins (Later add in)
4 (2 part) Macro Cannon craters (Later add in)

Here are some pictures of the finished works!


Folks like the ladder

no slope means more accurate measurements

The house

Flat top so models can be put on top

The Lake

Designed to be spooky

Ruins (Frome the 2013 NOVA Open after Party)

I had a silly moment

The kit allows you to make defense lines as well
In the end 9 pieces were created from scratch (except the trees them selves) and 8 GW pieces were painted (Macro cannon craters.) The project was declared done on April 30 2014 once it was determined that the water feature has solidified  properly.

I am quite pleased with how everything turned out and hope that in the future I may be able to do stuff like this for others.

All that is left is delivery...