Saturday, May 3, 2014

Terrain #6 The final cut

Hello all,

The Terrain project is finally done!

Original requirements- (all had to be multi-system usable.)

2 40K hills
2 Fantasy/Warmachine hills (Has to be usable for both)
1 Building
1 lake/Pond
4 to 6 wall sections (customer ended up buying his own so removed from list)
2 Tree bases for 40K, Fantasy, and Warmachine
1 Ruins (Later add in)
4 (2 part) Macro Cannon craters (Later add in)

Here are some pictures of the finished works!


Folks like the ladder

no slope means more accurate measurements

The house

Flat top so models can be put on top

The Lake

Designed to be spooky

Ruins (Frome the 2013 NOVA Open after Party)

I had a silly moment

The kit allows you to make defense lines as well
In the end 9 pieces were created from scratch (except the trees them selves) and 8 GW pieces were painted (Macro cannon craters.) The project was declared done on April 30 2014 once it was determined that the water feature has solidified  properly.

I am quite pleased with how everything turned out and hope that in the future I may be able to do stuff like this for others.

All that is left is delivery...



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