Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Attack Wing Update/ Nova Nomads Holiday party/ Deadzone


Looking at January 11th for New Event Date!
Keep reading here for information as soon as it is reveled.

The NOVA Nomads Holiday party 2014

Last week I attended the 2014 NOVA Nomads 2014 "White Titan" party and it was a blast!
Lots of gaming, A white elephant gift exchange and a painted miniature Exchange

In keeping with the X-mas spirit

The White Titan!- Only two steals per item!

Gimme that!

Now that is a proper White Titan!

The Miniature Exchange- I was honored to be a part of this event. Take a look at all the great work the Nomads did.

Here is the Miniature I received thanks to Hawk- 

Thanks Hawk!

Lastly is the miniature I did


What I am Working on: Deadzone Enforcers 

These Guys look way cooler actually painted. 

That's it for now


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