Sunday, November 23, 2014

Attack Wing Event (Last week)

Hello All,

Last week I attended OP2 of the "Resistance is Futile" event. "I didn't do so good" :(
Getting tabled 3 times in a row can get you down. Regardless I did have a good time and at least managed to destroy one ship from each opponent (Winning a personal victory)

Some interesting thing happened at the event. Check out what the TO had to say...

As I handed over the Admiral’s prize ship, I made a point of announcing that this was the award for first place, most improved, and best dressed. Yes, best dressed. I’d joked earlier in the day that I was thinking of handing out the Fellowship prize on that basis just because I was so impressed by a man who showed up to a game store in a dress shirt and slacks instead of an old T-shirt and jeans. J Fortunately, he took first place and I wasn't put in the position of making a potentially controversial Fellowship award. I’d also like to congratulate the Admiral on having a faction pure fleet. All cards added to his ships were the same faction as the ship itself, though not every ship in his fleet was the same faction. Thus disproving the myth that you have to mix factions on your ships to win.

Our Vice Admiral is a champion player at the Fairfax Games and Comics store. He took first place for the whole tournament in the Collective OP and he won Month 1 of this OP. However, in Round 2 of Month 2, he was soundly defeated. I think several of us were thinking that the Vice Admiral’s Round 2 opponent was going to win the day. But when the smoke cleared, he’d lost the by a measly 24 fleet points. (And the Vice Admiral lost by 4 only fleet points.) I’d tell you how much the Commodore lost by, but I live with him and it’s his blog, so that wouldn't exactly be politic, now would it?

WOW. Our in house Champion defeated by a new comer using only faction pure ships in his fleet and showing up dressed for Sunday church rather than Sunday Football and only then by a few tiebreaker points. Month 3 will be interesting

Well anyway here are the pictures from the event-

(Remember that each player had 2 fleets- 1 Borg and one Rebel.)

My Awesome Borg Fleet

This is the winning fleet

One Cube Down

Just the scout cube left

"You have potential"

The Game of Champions

Lots O Borg in this one!

A little too far...

Add caption

"Lets get it on!"

Slobber knocker!!!

My last Battle- Rebel fleet

Well that's all I have time for today



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