Monday, August 25, 2014

The Great Train (Copy from Road to NOVA)


Hello All,
We are only days away from NOVA 2014 and this will probably be my last post till the event is underway. I wanted to share one last project with everyone before the big day. Back on the 14th I posted this. At the bottom was a massive train made by Bandua Wargames.
Well I have been working at it for the last week or so and between building and painting it has taken over 50 hours to complete. But it is done! And I am going to give you a first look.
Before I show the pictures I will share the colors I used to paint this monster of a kit.

Colors used
Base Coat: Martha Stewart Espresso Wood Stain (Air Brush)
Highlight: Minitaire Base Grey (Air Brush)
Base: Spectra Brilliant Blue (Air Brush)
Highlight: Model Air French Blue (Air Brush)
2nd Highlight: Model Air French Blue mixed with GW Temple Guard Blue (Air Brush)

Blue on control panel-
Base: GW Enchanted Blue
Highlight: Temple Guard Blue
Details: P3 Frostbite
Base GW Mephiston red
Highlight: GW Mephiston red mixed with Old GW Blood red
2nd Highlight: Blood Red
Green on control panel-
Base:  GW snot green
Highlight: GW Scorpion Green
Base: GW Averland sunset
Highlight: Averland sunset mixed with GW bad moon yellow
2nd Highlight: GW bad moon yellow
Base: GW Averland sunset
2nd coat: Ral Partha Orange (Old school)
White: 2 layers of Ceramite White
Black: P3 Thamar Black
Silver metal: Lead Belcher over Black
Yellow metal: Balthasar Gold
No Mind blowing Techniques were used. Nothing more than simple layering and some basic airbrush work.  I have found over the years that the larger the model the less you need to rely on paint to create shadows and special effects. Bigger models just  make their own. That's why Movie models are so big..

Anyway Here we go...

Day 1 Undercoat

Day 2 Base Coat

Day 3 Blue Highlights

Days 4 - 6 Lots of details

Day 7 Final touches

Well that's that. Look for it at the event I think it will be part of the narrative ...

Till next time


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