Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hobby Update

Hello All,

Just coming in with a brief Hobby update. There is not much going on as most of my time is split between moving and work. I am managing to get a few minor things done. For instance I modified these "Ape-X" from Reaper Bones line into Obliterators. I plan to paint them up to look like corrupted Jokaro.

I also finished this two headed Rat beast for my Son's Skaven army. It will make a fine Hellpit abomination. 

I have also been cataloging my collection army by army. So far I have cataloged several thousand models but still have a long way to go. Here are some pictures from when I started.

Orcs and Goblins

Attack Wing
I have made progress in this game having played in a tournament last month (Came in 5th out of 6 players but at least I tried) I feel more comfortable with this game than I have in years. For giggles I put all of my ships together for a group shot. What do you think?
The collection has gotten a little bigger since then with the releases of several new kits in the last month or so. My favorite is the refitted Enterprise which introduced some new cool cards and may just be a "Game changer"!

Check out the Admiral card 


The big card it the new Admiral card that can be added in addition to a captain and allows his special abilities to carry over to other ships in your fleet. It surprised me that this is model represents the refit Enterprise and not the Enterprise A (that looks the same for those not in the know) and it uses VGER (Star Trek the motion Picture) as its scenario. I did not see that one coming.
Here are some pictures of the new Ship with some older models for scale. (forgive the poor quality)
That's one hell of a refit

Next to Excelsior

The three different scale Enterprises I have (the one on the left is from a different manufacturer)

Well that's it for now-



  1. Bob - I was just at the GW Fair Oaks and Chris asked me to drop you a note. He's set aside something for you, but can't find your contact info. (I wasn't much help: posting here is the best I can do.) Could you give him a call?

  2. Yourswordismine- You should! and the Goblins too.

    Richard- Thanks for the message. I stopped by and got the item. Thanks for the assist!