Saturday, February 1, 2014

Journal 35 -NEW Dwarfs (Sort of)

ARRR!!! That Be Profit I See.

Hello all, 

I just saw the pre-orders up for Dwarfs and I had to share my reaction. This is from an email I sent to a friend a few minutes ago. 


4 new kits? That's it? wow. almost 9 years and 4 kits...
I hope the rumors are true  about weekly releases rather than monthly.
Then I can hope that some better stuff is coming out. (Like a book or something)

Or GW just removed all the other units from the book so any other company that ever made a dwarf model would find their sales reduced or gone all together. I'm looking at you Nids!"

Who is running the show over there?




  1. It's only 3 kits

    Hammerers/Longbeards box
    Dragonslayer Clampack
    Belagar Ironhammer

  2. The Cheeky Bastards.

    "Dwarf Release 1-Click Collection includes: 1 Belegar Ironhammer, 1 Dwarf Dragon Slayer, 1 box of Hammerers and 1 box of Longbeards."

  3. The Marx Brothers are at least funny. Duck Soup and A Night at the Opera are classics. Think someone utterly humorless and colorless... Woodrow Wilson maybe?

    The pirate dwarf at the top, GWs? Honestly, I never liked GW's take on Dwarves, but that mini is interesting.

  4. it's the 2012 White Dwarf subscription model. The last one I ever bought. With the new direction WD is going I am not sure I want any more.