Saturday, November 16, 2013

Journal 27- In the News (Codex Inquisition, Star Trek attack wing, and Abaddon)

Hello All,

Just a quick update. 

I bought a copy of the new Codex Inquisition and am now pouring through the rules section. Wow. So far it looks like they are going back to a model that resembles 40K life pre-2011 as Inquisitor warbands are back as an ally choice --- But wait, no--- they are their own NEW type of detachment! Read more on it here.

The Meta is going to take a hit. Again. I honestly think the new Meta is going to be no meta (Not a bad thing really.) So far I am really liking it. If this trend keeps up tournament organizers are going to have some tough decisions to make in 2014. Good Luck

Get the book here  


I was at Huzzah Hobbies today and got a chance to play a demo of Star Trek Attack Wing. Jay from 24 hour Gamer ran me through a one-on-one encounter between the Enterprise-D and a Romulan Warbird. It was a lot of Fun. I won but I think Jay was taking it easy on me. When the wife showed up I got her to try it out and she took the mighty Klingon Battle cruiser against my Undefeated Enterprise and manager "mop the floor" with the Federation Flagship. :(

We had so much fun we bought a starter set.


Lastly I wanted to share a new project with you. After reading the Codex: Black legion book I was inspired to get Abaddon for my CSM. I do not like the model so decide dto make my own. I started with the Chaos Lord in Terminator armor kit and raided my bits box. here is what happened.

The Parts

The basics of the Talon of Horus: Lightning claw arm + 2 Old school Bolters cut down to fit

I decided to add an ammo storage bin just for kicks and it turned out pretty good.

A better angle

The Basis of the Demon sword: Power Ax Arm + Blade from a blood letter 

Abaddon's head is from the Chaos Marauders set for Fantasy 

The rest was put together from the lord kit taking parts from the warlord and sorcerer build outs. 

The base was the normal lord base with rocks and stuff added from the death world basing kit

A better look at the gun


The Sword

The eye of Horus

Primed with an up close of the face

Ready to be painted
Well that's all I have time for right now so let me know what you think.



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