Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A new Idea- Journal #1

Craft world Stark

Hello all,

It has bee a while since I last posted and that one was short and bitter. I would like to get more posts out there. While I was listening to what has become my favorite Fantasy podcast Garage Hammer (Thanks Shades) I heard David W., one of the hosts, say that he has started a daily journal of his hobby work just to keep a running tally of what he has accomplished and to give him inspiration when the hobby seems overwhelming. I really liked this idea but I know that I would not be able to keep a written journal to save my life. Then I thought why not do it for the blog? It would kill two birds with one stone Journal entries to keep me motivated and more frequent blog posts. Win Win!

So here goes the first entry

Current Work from May 18th -May 21st

May 18th assembly day:
  • assembled 5 Fantasy Centigor models
  • assembled 24 LOTR Wood Elf Models
  • assembled 2 Hobbit Great Eagles
May 19th mixed bag

  • Purchased Spectra Airbrush paints
  • made a color chart for the new paints
  • assembled 1 LOTR Fellbeast with ring wraith rider
May 20th Airbrush

  • painted several Infinity Cargo containers for NOVA Open
  • Base coated and highlighted Knights of Blood assault team for 40K
  • Base coated and highlighted Necron monolith for 40K
May 21st airbrush and assembly
  • highlighted several of the cargo containers from the 20th
  • assembled Fantasy beastman chariot
  • assembled Fantasy Skaven Greyseer
I intend to add pictures for Journal posts and continue with my (sort of) regular posts as well. I think this will help me the way it has helped David from Garage Hammer and will get more posts out for folks to see. Please feel free to comment on any of the projects I post up I am always looking for feedback or advise on my projects

BTW: the picture at the top is a nod to the upcoming Eldar release that looks good but expensive.

Till next time



  1. haha you should totally do the Craftworld Stark. That actually isn't a bad color scheme. Yellow is tough to do, but worth it.

  2. Short journal entries are a great strategy, Bob. Like you say, kill two birds with one stone. I try to post around twice a week. The only way I can do it is if I keep the verbiage short and sweet. Basically, describe a photo of something I did. That approach works well for me. It makes me feel like I'm keeping a pace that makes the blog worth doing, while not overextending myself and burning out on it. Good luck. I look forward to seeing more of your updates. I'm already amazed with how much you assemble in one session!