Friday, August 24, 2012

Meanwhile at the NOVA Factory....

From The Road to NOVA Blog

Hello All,

Just a quick update. This past Sunday we were busy with last minute NOVA details. The main focus was on Swag Bags. We spent hours filling hundreds of these things! I am not at liberty to disclose what went in them but I can say it blows the doors off of last year’s offerings. I look forward to hearing people’s thoughts on our swag bags during and after the event.

A job that I got assigned was to update and prep the official NOVA Open desktop computer.  This thing has seen some years but it is still a solid system for our needs.It will be available for list mods that may be needed as it has a current copy of Army Builder installed.

Lastly we had to get everything and I mean everything stuffed into the storage locker. MVB also mentioned this on his own blog, but I thought I would just touch on some fun facts:

  • The Swag Bags and VIP bags took 2 trips to move them all.
  • We filled up 2 SUVs and 3 cars
  • We had to transport almost all of the bags into the locker by hand as no carts were available.
  • MVB let us know that (if he wanted to) he could have done it all by himself… :p

Well that Might have been an exaggeration.  

It looks like we are almost ready for what will be the greatest NOVA to date!

See you there


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New video trailer from Forge world

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a real post coming soon...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NOVA OPEN It's coming!!! Be ready

Hello All,

I am doing a shameless plug for the NOVA open as I have contributed a lot of time over the last year to this event and I would like to see it be a successes. 

Our team of volunteers have spent 8 months building shaping and painting everything from LOS blocking buildings and ruins to hills to the very tables the game is played on. We have built terrain for 40K, Infinity, and Warmachine/Hordes.  I can honestly say that this year features some of the best tournament terrain I have ever seen. To see a visual history please visit The “Road to NOVA”:

As for game systems we are featuring multiple tournaments for 40K, Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, and Infinity as well as pickup games and a narrative event that will blow your socks off!   See more here:

For those that don’t want to play in a ton of tournaments there are painting classes that including advanced weathering and airbrushing just to name two.  Here are the details:

We are also having our first Major painting competition multiple categories and some FANTASTIC prizes including a trophy you would actually want to display!  See more here:

For those who like shopping there will be 11 venders at the event including the Warstore and Spikey bits!
See the full list of supporters :

Food- for the first time NOVA has access to meal plans that beat the pants off of local prices and are purchased by meal, day or the all weekend meal deal!
Take a look at what you get here-
It really is a good deal!

For more information visit the NOVA Open website or for specifics about up to the minute decisions and changes see MVB’s own home away from home Whiskey & 40K

NOVA Site:
NOVA Forums:
Whiskey & 40K:

So If you are on the fence about going or if you will be in the DC area at the end of August and want to get in on the fastest growing war gaming convention  on the east coast then NOW is the time to jump on it before you miss out.

Thanks for reading-

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**Feel Free to link or pass along this information- lets get the word out!**