Sunday, April 22, 2012

March and April

Hello all,

The last few weeks have been "interesting."  I use quotes because it was not the kind of interesting I normally like but it came out well in the end. For starters my job ramped a bit and I find myself putting in longer hours than normal. All is good as I will be getting a boost in the old paycheck for my troubles. (After taxes I will probability owe money...)   I managed to take a vacation last week and the wife and I decided to use thos time productively. This of course meant labor :) The week was spent dusting, cleaning, and re-arranging  the entire apartment. As it stands all is better as I now have more space than before  and the place really did need a good cleaning.

As far as the NOVA goes... just check the "Road to NOVA" blog for the most updated information on this subject.

As for what I have been up to So far in April it's a big NOTHING! I have finished No figures nor done any appreciable hobby work this month. (With the exception of a NOVA build on the 7th.)

Back in March I did something cool. I decided to paint 100 miniatures to a very basic standard then use the Army painter dip (Medium shade) to finish them off. I manager to get the last 8 done on the 31st of March.
Here are some pictures of a few of the un-dipped figures.

The 100 complete

LOTR Hobbits
Sisters of Battle
Pig Iron Mini
Old Chainmail Ogre
Harad Warriors
Harad Cavalry

Next time I will show the post dipped figures.



Sunday, April 8, 2012

The new Blog

Check out my new Blog

Don't worry the RHG isn't going anywhere. I just feel that NOVA articles need special attention and should have their own Blog. The two Blogs are designed to be overlapping and complimenting to one another.

If you have time please check it out and add yourself as a follower if you feel inclined.