Sunday, April 22, 2012

March and April

Hello all,

The last few weeks have been "interesting."  I use quotes because it was not the kind of interesting I normally like but it came out well in the end. For starters my job ramped a bit and I find myself putting in longer hours than normal. All is good as I will be getting a boost in the old paycheck for my troubles. (After taxes I will probability owe money...)   I managed to take a vacation last week and the wife and I decided to use thos time productively. This of course meant labor :) The week was spent dusting, cleaning, and re-arranging  the entire apartment. As it stands all is better as I now have more space than before  and the place really did need a good cleaning.

As far as the NOVA goes... just check the "Road to NOVA" blog for the most updated information on this subject.

As for what I have been up to So far in April it's a big NOTHING! I have finished No figures nor done any appreciable hobby work this month. (With the exception of a NOVA build on the 7th.)

Back in March I did something cool. I decided to paint 100 miniatures to a very basic standard then use the Army painter dip (Medium shade) to finish them off. I manager to get the last 8 done on the 31st of March.
Here are some pictures of a few of the un-dipped figures.

The 100 complete

LOTR Hobbits
Sisters of Battle
Pig Iron Mini
Old Chainmail Ogre
Harad Warriors
Harad Cavalry

Next time I will show the post dipped figures.




  1. Sweet,

    The pic of all 100 is a little blurry when I click to zoom.

  2. Sadly that was the best picture of the group I had.