Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Road To NOVA part 9

Too Busy to take pictures.

Hello all,

Just a quick update. Yesterday we had our 2nd build for March. It was a strange but overall successful day. Our Target number was 65 we manager to hit 38 pieces of terrain built. Here is how this was a success.
  • There was a tournament down South that many of our prime builders and artists attended rather than spend the day cutting foam and gluing pieces together. (Fun over work? What were they thinking) ;p
  • We only had between 3 and 5 builders at any given time. (thanks Guys)
  • Our Grand Poo-bah was not available to assist.
  • On the time saver front Mrs. RGH figured out a super time saving way to efficiently cut foam board. (Way to go baby)
  • Our team worked in a strong assembly line format that allowed us to make all the parts first then build the heck out of them. (38 peices in about 3 hours) NOT BAD!
In all it was a success.

Until next time


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