Thursday, September 1, 2011

NOVA 2011 over and done... Till next year at least

Hi everyone,

I have finally recovered enough from the event to report on it. From Thursday - Sunday I put Approximately 60 hours of time Staffing at the Convention. A lot of it was hard work but completely rewarding. As one of the appearance judges I got to look at literally hundreds of Armies from the three color minimum to some true works of Art.

If I had to state my favorite aspect of the event it would be getting to meet so many really awesome people and hanging again with folks I have not seen since last year.

Some of the people I got to meet/see/hang with (In no particular order):

Warpstone Pile
10 inch template
11th company Podcast
19 Legion
My fellow Appearance Judges
Sam and James- Congrats on the new Baby!
Mike and the entire NOVA staff - Thanks for making me feel like part of the Family
The gentleman from the Overlords Podcast who's name escapes me at the moment
The Scottish guys who bought and painted their armies just days before the Open
The Iron Fist league
The Press Gangers (who showed me Hordes)
Bill and Jay from gamers lounge
The guys from the War Store
Beef and the guys from Spikey Bitz
Romeo and Kyle from Battle Foam/ 40K Radio - Thanks for the staff shirt!
Cobra Commander and his fantastic Army- Congratulations!
(And everyone else who was good enough to stop by and say hi!)

Lastly I would like to say thank you to Gav Thorpe for flying over from the UK (defying a Hurricane to do so.) Meeting Gav was a major high point of the event. I attended his reading on Saturday night (Mike was right: If you missed it you really missed out) and got to be his Unofficial Photographer for the weekend. He is a really down to earth person and a pretty neat guy. I was able to get him to sign my copy of Codex: "Chaos Space Marines and "Angles of Darkness." Both with some really entertaining comments!

After the event he gave me signed copies of Crown of the Blood and The Crown of the Conqueror. THANKS GAV!

I should be posting Pics from the event soon so please keep on the lookout.




  1. it was a great time!! Was great to be a part of the paint scoring team, tons of good armies and great staff. And that pizza was soooo good saturday!

  2. I am glad you were there. I don't think it would have gone as well without you!