Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skavenblight Gazette_ Check out pages 16 & 17

Hello All,

The latest issue of Skavenblight Gazette is out now!
Issue 11.

It was while looking at these guys (Back around issue 3) that I discovered Podhammer the first Warhammer podcast I ever listened to. From there it expanded to 40K Radio, Worlds end Radio, Eternal Warriors (as DLT), The 11 th Company and through them the Gamers lounge. As well as a host of others over the last few years.

So without finding the Skavenblight Gazette my podcast experience might have been vastly different...

So anyway back to the focus of this post.

Check Out Pages 16 and 17 before you look at any other part of this top notch publication.

You will see some fantastic creations for various Skaven Armies one or two may surprise you.

Thank you "Ratling the Mad"



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