Attack Wing Battle 3/19/2016

This is a Page dedicated to a cool pair of Star Trek Attack Wing Battles fought between My wife, Son and I for my Birthday.

This is Pic Heavy so bear with me.
Battle 1 Destroy the Scimitar

3 Player cooperative
Special Components: Scimitar toke, 4 Hidden Movement Tokens
(1 “actual” and 3 “echo)

The Reman Warbird, Scimitar, is threatening to destroy all life on planet earth. You must work together to stop it!


Fed Player: 50 points (at least one Fed ship)
Romulan Player: 50 Points including at least one Valdore Class ship
Allied player: 50 Points

The ships are set up in a standard 3 player game. Starting area is a 4” x 8” rectangle. Use 3 player examples on page 7 of the starter book for refrence. In addition, the Scimitar token is placed in the center of the board. Place a cloak token beside it. The Scimitar follows the normal rules for overlaps.

Special Rules
Scimitar Token
Captain Skill: 10
Primary Weapon: 6
Agility: 2
Hull: 8
Shields: 8

1)       The Scimitar does not make a normal move. During the planning phase, shuffle the hidden movement tokens (HMTs) face down and place each token face down beside a different side of the Scimitar token. When it is the Scimitar’s turn to move, flip over the HMTs remove the “echo” tokens, and place the Straight 3 maneuver template on the side where the “actual” token was located. Then remove the “actual” token and move the Scimitar Token using that maneuver Template. The Scimitar can never leave the play area. If a move would cause it to do so, repeat the previous steps, but remove 1 “Echo” token and place the HMTs again, disregarding that direction.
2)       After it moves, place a battle stations token beside the ship. This token must be used when the Scimitar attacks.
3)       If a move causes the Scimitar to overlap another ship, it must move backward along its chosen maneuver Template until it no longer overlaps the ship. If this happens, do not place a battle stations token beside the Scimitar.
4)       The Scimitar has an advanced cloaking device that allows it to remain cloaked with it’s shields up. While it remains cloaked the Scimitar cannot be target locked, rolls 4 defense dice, and does not flip its cloak token when it fires.
5)       While the Scimitar remains cloaked, it rolls 1 less defense dice against the second ship to attack it during a given round, and it rolls 2 less defense dice against the third and any other ships to attack it during the remainder of that round.
6)       Once the Scimitar’s shields are destroyed, remove its “Cloak” token permanently. It can now be target locked and does not roll any extra defense dice. Also, it moves using the Straight 2 maneuver template instead of the Straight 3 maneuver template.

7)       The Scimitar has a 360 degree firing arc and always attacks the nearest ship. If two ships are equidistant the player with the captain of the highest skill determines which ship is attacked (if ties, the tied ship with initiative decides.) Whenever the Scimitar scores a “Critical” against a ship’s hull, that ship must discard a random upgrade in addition to the normal effects of the critical hit. If the ship does not have any upgrades, it loses it’s captain card and is considered to have a skill of 1 for the rest of the game. 

Destroy the Scimitar for a Joint Victory

Prepping for the Game

Giving the Scimitar it's tokens

First shot fired

Voyager dodges most of it

Voyager returns fire to little effect

Next round

Where will the Scimitar go?

A direct assault I guess

The Scimitar attacks the Valdor

When all was said and done The Valdor weathered the storm quite well

Voyager attacks! Beating down the Scimitar's shields!

The Valdor Attacks! Knocking down the rest.

One of our favorite cards

The Klingons enter the fight!

At no point does it say the Scimitar cannot take a crit!

Where will it go next?

Looks like it wants to kill the Valdor...

Not looking good for the Scimitar

Target locks rule!

Klingons hit the Valdor with an EM Pulse

More Crits!
The Scimitar is dead.

The battle lasted less than an hour and luck was on our side but none the less it was high fives all around!


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