Saturday, March 4, 2017

War vs. Sean (An AOS Battle)

Hello All,

Last month I got a chance to play Age of Sigmar with my friend Sean. He has been dealing with a lot of issues over the last 18 months or so and is unable to get out much so when he contacted me about getting a game in I was happy to do it. 

Here is what happened.

We decided to play a mission of our own design. A sort of hing of the hill with a cool Confrontation hill as the center piece of the game. We decided on an Ice theme so I used my Frostgrave collection on the snow FAT Mat.

Sean: Chaos Undivided (Slaves to Darkness)
Me: Nurgle Mortal (Slaves to Darkness & Rotbringers)
Points: 1250

The lines clash early in turn 2 

The Slaghterbrute is stopped by the Blight Kings!

Scrum in the middle!

Here come the Chaos War Alters 

The Slaughterbrute is Dead 

Threading the Needle 

The Fight moves off the objective

CAV Attack!

Meanwhile on the other side

The Final fight
In the end we lost track of points earned for the center so we went by units destroyed. Nurgle pulled it out in the end. We called it a Minor Victory.

Till next time