Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gaming in the age of Sigmar - December Games Part 2

Game 15

Game Date:  December 27th 2016
Forces: Nurgle  vs. Stormcast
Type: Pitched Battle
Points: 2000 per player

This was the final game of the series. I decided to do something special for the board and terrain so I brought in a new mat (the one from the Warpath kickstarter) and my Goblin town terrain I built in 2015. We decided that 2000 points would be a great way to end the event.

The board layout

Deploying forces

Nurgle ready for action

Nurgle from my opponents point of view

Nurgle gets stuck going first.

Short turn as I have little shooting

Stormcast start moving in

Great Unclean one CAM!

That's right two great unclean ones!

Top down view of the battle field.

Stormcast General pops in behind my line!

Javelin chucking birdmen in a flanking move. 

The battle is joined between the great unclean one(s) andthe Stormcast general.

This was a fun fight

Not looking good for the Marauders 

Stormcast General is dead!

This time around the Beasts of Nurgle were independent units.

This is about the moment where I realized I probably lost the battle.  

Lots of Killing over here.

and here.

Prep for the last fight of the game. Not looking good for me.
After my turn three I realized I had moved too many things away from my objective and left the weakest units I had guarding the one thing that could give my opponent instant victory. He noticed at about the same time. The last unit of marauders were quickly dispatched  and with the rest of the army out of range to count as disputing we did not need to do any of the remaining fights. No matter how any of them turned out the turn would end with the Stormcast holding both objectives cleanly. 

In all it was a great battle and both of us played better then we have previously in this series. I was winning handily in the secondary objective and if by some bizarre twist of reality the marauders held then I would probably won a minor victory, but as it stands I was out-played and paid for it giving my opponent a Major victory.  

Nice Job Chris!


Friday, December 30, 2016

AOS December 2016

Hello All,

Here are the games from December. Remember that this is part of an ongoing event being run at Victory Comics. Points are awarded for games played, painting, and to a very limited extent purchases. 

Going into Week 12 I was still on my losing streak, but at least I was keeping my opponents to minor victories which are worth less points in this event. 

Game 12

Game Date:  December 6th 2016
Forces: Nurgle  vs. Stormcast
Type: Pitched Battle
Points: 1000 per player

Nurgle Daemons ready

Stormcast getting set up

Ready for Battle

Nurgle advancing!

Now you see the great Unclean one...

Battle in the woods?

Now you don't.
My Great Unclean one was shot off the table in turn 2. This made the game more about survival than victory.

Nurglings attack the Stormcast General

Know what happened here? Noticed the failed armor saves!
 The Nurglings managed to take out the enemy general! I considered it a moral victory and even my opponent said it was the highlight of the game.

Of course the Nurglings did not last long after. 

I was forced to rally around the objective to prevent my opponent from getting a Major victory

Here they come!

A last ditch effort to take out Nurgle and get a major victory.

Nurgle was able to hold out!
In the end I lost, but it was a really fun game and I managed to hold my opponent to a minor victory.

Game 13

Game Date:  December 14th 2016
Forces: Nurgle & Stormcast vs. Tomb Kings
Type: Pitched Battle
Points: 2000 per side

On this day a strange thing occurred. From the mists of time an army from the "world that was" appeared where the Stormcast and the forces of Nurgle like to battle. It was such an odd experience that the two armies joined forces (just this once) to battle the new threat.

The Tomb Kings getting set up.

Blight Kings hit the field.

The Battle of three armies has begun!

Stormcast advance

The forces of Nurgle slowly move forward.

A wall of Chariots 

Still moving forward

The Tomb king chariots pivot for another charge 

A large Melee ensues 

Tomb kings summon more troops to the board.

Still trying to move forward

The grand Melee continues but the chariots are starting to feel it.

Nurgle never really made it into the fight. but did make a lot of saves vs. the screaming skull catapult.

This was done after the battle to see if the Sphinx and the war alter could kill each other. 

Nurgle and the Stormcast lost this game very narrowly only getting one point each for our trouble.

Game 14

Game Date:  December 20th 2016
Forces: Nurgle vs. Stormcast vs. Stormcast vs. Khorne
Type: Pitched Battle (4 way)
Points: roughly 1000 per side

On this night two new players showed up so we decided to all play on one table and use the Laurels of victory battle plan.

Nurgle set up

Ready for play

Stormcast advance

The Khorne army

Khorne advances to the center.

first big fight of the night

These Stormcast want to mess with Nurgle!

Ready to charge!

Carnage on a big scale.

Heroes clash (Nurgle has not had a turn at this point)

Nurgle's turn!

Blight Kings advance on the center!

It may look bad for Nurgle, but where is the Stormcast General?

Poor Marauders 

All of the Blood letters are dead! Nurgle holds the center!

The rest of the nurgle trying to get to the center.

Stormcast hero charges the Blight Kings!

The other unit of Blight Kings making short work of the remaining liberators 

Khorne advances on the center to get revenge!

This is getting messy!

It became hard to tell who was still alive as this fight included all four players!

In the end Nurgel had the most models in the center (even if it does not look like it)

This was a major victory for me as I ended up with more than twice the points of the next player. 
There is only one game left in the series and it will be the topic of the next post.

Till then