Sunday, June 29, 2014

Let's talk for a minute

(Read to the bottom for some cool pictures)
Hell All,
I want to talk today about something really cool. A chance to win something. Who doesn't like winning stuff? The NOVA Open Chartable Foundation  have four fantastic armies for their charity raffles this year. All of them painted by some of the best artists in the game!  We are talking people like Dave Taylor, Gabe Dobkin, and John Stiening just to name a few. Seriously this stuff is amazing! A link to all of the charity artists can be found- here
Last year the foundation raised over 11,000 dollars with it's 3 raffles for Fisher House, Doctors without Borders and The Breast cancer research foundation. This year they hope to do even more for the selected organizations. A full list of the Charities can be found here

In  2014 four armies have been selected for raffle. Two of them are linked to one another in something called the Macragge project. As expected this pits The Scythes of Behemoth (Tyranid) vs. the Ultramarines. There is a bad to the bone Ogre army for the Fantasy lovers out there and finally something that is one of a kind- a Deathwatch (Counts as Grey Knights) army that was painted by dozens of artists! These armies will "Blow you away!"
Flying Hive Tyrant w/ 2 Twin-Linked Devourers
5 Tyranid Warriors w/ Magnetized Weapon Options
1 Tyranid Prime w/ Norn Crown, Magnetized Weapon Options
60 Termagants
2 Mawlocs
1 Carnifex w/ Magnetized Weapon Options
20 Gargoyles
2 Lictors
1 Deathleaper
1 Venomthrope
3 Tyrant Guards (expected magnetized options for either tyrant guard or hive guard)
2 Hive Crones
8 Genestealers
Marneus Calgar and Honor Guard
Chief Librarian Tigurius
Chaplain Cassius
5 Tyrannic War Veterans
1 Drop Pod
30 Tactical Marines with a variety of weapon load outs
10 x Scouts:  5 w/ Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks, 5 w/ Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
3 Storm Talons with Skyhammer Missiles
3 Thunderfire Cannons
1 Knight Titan
3 Centurion Devastators with Hurricane Bolters and Heavy Graviton Cannons
1 Ogre Tyrant with Two-Handled Weapon
1 Ogre Battle Standard
5 Ogre Bullz
1 Ogre Bull Standard Bearer
4 Ogre Iron Gutz
4 Lead Belchers
1 Hunter Riding a Stonehorn
1 Iron Blaster
Can be played at 1850 or 2000; at 1850 if one of the terminators gets left behind.
List Can be Found at Penny Arcade forum HERE
James Laird – Xario Darkfang
Brian Dewherst – Vindicare Assassin
Eric Lee – Venerable Brother Lotius
nealneal - Agrippa Lucilius of the Ultramarines
Valhalla130 - Drusus Gaul from the Imperial fists
Dr_keenbean - Värmod of the Space Wolves
ayspring - Griffin of the Iron Hands
“AbesolutZERO” – Rook Siegfried of the Blood Ravens
Eldercat - Cattus The Elder of the Dark Angels
Sharp101 - Argos of the Salamanders
ogotai - Ogotai of the Black Templar
The Paradox pope - Lanzus the Black Shield
Taylor Pahls – Ginarious of the Minotaurs
Custom special - Brutus Tiberius IV of the Ultramarines
Saluksic - Marte Garrido of the Blood Ravens
Chrysis - Chrysistophf of the Exorcists
Ken O - Hieronymus Keeno of the Salamanders
Koreg - Keurig of the Scythes of the Emperor
J - Jaysis of the Angels of Absolution
Altmann - Alius Vir of the Space Wolves
Zach McCarthy – Horatio Caedo of the Raven Guard
Anon the Felon and “Bonzai” – Reus of the Dark Angels
Leper - Sonoros of the Star Phantoms
Denada - Denadus of the White Scars
Halos Nach Tariff – Halos of the Blood Angels
Corporate logo – Corpulos the Iconic of the Flesh Tearers
Mago - Mago Maximus of the Space Sharks
The Paradox pope - Kamir of the Red Scorpions
Nealneal Aldric of the Black Templar
Jody Fabre – Bodvulf of the Space Wolves
WOW right?
Well anyway all you have to do to get a piece of this "history in the making" is buy some tickets! How you ask? Well it could not be easier. Just go to the raffle section of the website and pick the army or armies you want to try for. Tickets are 1.00 each and can be bought in bundles. the more you enter the better chance you have to win! Here I'll help- Just click here

OK so at yesterdays NOVA Open build session John Stiening showed up with his Imperial Knight that is part of the Macragge project- This thing is wicked cool and would be worth the raffle ticket all by itself but guess what... It is just one cog in the wheel of that army!
Check it out:

Some of the scouts for the same army

Didn't I say the pictures were cool!
So in conclusion- If you like cool looking armies and/or  want to help some of the best charities out there today get some tickets. If not then you are probably looking on the wrong blog anyway... :)
Till next time

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rules discussion- Firing a cannon (Warhammer Fantasy)

Hello all,
I recently got asked a question about shooting cannons in Warhammer Fantasy. A friend played in a recent tournament and his opponent was shooting cannons over his own troops to target his units. My friend wanted to know if this was allowed.
I hit the basic rulebook and started my research. I liked my reply so much I decided to make it into a post.  

Ok- Here is the breakdown-

LOS- for a model to have LOS to another you must be able to trace an unblockable line from it's eyes (BRB wordage meaning the point or origin) to any part of the body of the target- Page 10 BRB

Shooting- "Check that the shooter can see the target" - Page 39 BRB
  • Must be in shooter's forward arc
  • must be able to trace a line to the target
War Machines- Page 109 BRB
  • Pivot to face target (does not count as moving)
  • Point of origin is the firing point of the War machine- (Cannon muzzle) 
Cannon- Cannon do not use ballistic skill they use the bounce rules- Page 112 BRB
  • Choose Target- "Nominate a point within the war machine's Line of site that is not outside the cannon's max range."
  • This does not have to be a unit it can be a point on the ground. 
  • you are not allowed to make a cannon shot in such a way that it has a chance of hitting a friendly unit or an enemy unit engaged in combat
What does it all mean?
The cannon can fire over any unit that does not:
  • block LOS (Being on a hill is good for this)
  • is not in ANY danger of being hit
The fact that the target is a point on the battlefield is irrelevant as the cannon must be able to draw an unmodified line to that point. If the player has a friendly unit inside the safe zone (point 2) but obscures the target point it should not be able to fire as the friendly unit is in the way.
I double checked vs. the current FAQ and no contradictions have been found.
So if your opponent is trying to use his own troops as cover (Like a 50 man block of Halberdiers) call shenanigans you may just be right. 
Till next time

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Holy C***

I may go broke


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Feat of Service 2014

Hello all,

Yesterday was the first full blown charity event put on by the recently formed "Nova Nomads" LLC. This is the local community for Warmachine/Hordes in the Northern VA region. They (We as I am a member) boast 30+ members and take over Fairfax Games and comics (Fairfax) every Wednesday night. Saturday's event was a ripping success raising several thousand dollars for the chosen charity.

Here is what the President of the Nomads had to say:

"After expenses we raised $3,348.78 for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Between the NC Gunbunnies podcast and another interview I'm doing today on Forgot to Feat we are already getting the word out for next year."

More Pictures can be found here


Activities included a silent auction, door raffles, and a  round robing gaming event with a "build your own caster"and "spell draft" as part of the fun.

Some of the silent auction items:

So cool!

The NOVA Open LLC. was one of the supporters and supplied several beautiful terrain elements along with the use of some of our equipment for building their own cool looking terrain.

The event started around 10 but I was not able to get there till after 1 so things were in full swing. It really was the place to be for Warmachine!

To all the Nomads reading this- Well done!

I look forward to 2015!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Malifaux Pools Part 6

Hello All ,

Here we are with the final installment of this series. I have finally finished these (I hope unique) creations and presented them to the board for approval. guess what? It was a hit! Anyway 3 of the 5 have been handed over to the team for storage and the remaining two are with me for touch ups.

The final colors added were:

Secret Weapon: Cool Grey
Secret Weapon: Sapphire
Secret Weapon: Fallout

The Cool Grey was used as an attempt shade the flex paste (Failed) The sapphire and fallout were used to tint the clear resin on three of the five.


For the snow I used a method taught to me by Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Take standard scenery snow and mix it with Realistic Water this makes snow that looks properly wet even when dry. check it out-


Little details


I have been asked to put out a step by step guide on how these were made. I think I have enough pictures to make that happen so check back soon.
Till then

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Check out what I have been doing on the Road to NOVA!

Hello all,

I realized this morning that I have been neglecting this blog in favor of the other one. This is because I was asked to post a series of "work in progress" posts for the NOVA Open and these have been taking up my blog time. This should not go on much longer and I will get back to my normal posting schedule (What ever that is)

If you are interested here are links to the NOVA Open project.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 will be out soon and I will make it a double post (Both Blogs)

Till Next time