Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Message from Mike Brandt- The NOVA OPEN


All bloggers, forum posters, etc., please repost this and keep it "alive" all over ... you can tune into the NOVA Open Live Feed starting tomorrow at around 6:00PM, and it'll be "up" for the majority of the Open thereafter, including the Whiskey Challenges on Thursday night, Invitational all day Friday, and the Open on Sat and Sun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The NOVA Open- Just 48 hours away

Hello all,

Just 2 more days till zero hour! This is going to be a huge event. I am really looking forward to it.

To that end I have finally completed the busted church I displayed in the last post.

Whet follows is a progression of the model in progress


Pre- Static Grass

The Bronze Statue of Lord Donner

Front door

Fire damage applied

Static grass added

Trooper for scale

As always Enjoy...


Saturday, August 13, 2011

NOVA Open Buildings preview


Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Imperium and all the ships in Space! FLASH!

The NOVA Open is less than 2 weeks away!

The RGH has been secretly (not so much but it sounds good) working with Mike Brandt (Of Nova Open fame) to build some damn fine Scenery for the upcoming event!

Well here are a few examples of what we are doing...


Early Works

A Church Without a roof

An older piece that has been updated for 2011

The Bricks are individual foam blocks

And from an idea I had at work.

An easily defensible position.

The following are built using sets from Pegasus Model company and modified by the RGH to make them look cool!

The Entrance!

The Ruins of doom.

The inside.



I think they look pretty good especially for a rush job...



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Quick Rant- WD 379 P3


I have now pretty much gone through the issue. I have to say that the consensus over the last few years (that WD has gotten worse and is nothing more than a glossy Sears catalog for WH/40K/LOTR players) has become more true than ever.

I tend to dislike issues where one game system is "Showcased" over the others to the point where the non topic articles have an afterthought feeling to them.

I am also annoyed that the trend is to do articles about the most recent armies (usually the last 2 or 3) only rarely do they venture into articles about older armies. It does happen but not often enough for my taste. I would prefer that articles covered a wider range of armies so that one could get a feel for how armies are doing as newer books and rule sets come out. (Just an opinion)

If anything WD has become the single best advertising tool for PP products. One look at a recent WD and you will be dieing to look at Warmahordes!


That being said it wouldn't be fair to not point out some things that the magazine did right (not meant as a joke)

1. The new rules for Tomb Banshees and Cairn Wraiths are pretty cool as both have been returned to their previous status as characters (see 6th ed VC book) keeping them separate from the Rare choice Wraiths and Banshees was a solid move. Good Job.

2. The Cavalry article for LOTR SBG. is part of that afterthought mentality but the information is good. Since I am a strong supporter of LOTR for GW (and think it's been dealt a poor hand by the Interwebs community) I would like to see more LOTR articles in future issues. (specifically for the SBG. I am not such a fan od War of the ring.

3. The Sisters of battle (P1) was interesting but having to wait another MONTH for the rest of it sucks! Since I have no idea how this will be costed I will not comment further.

In all it was a poor issue (I am already tired of storm of magic!) but with the addition of Official rules (coming back) and more editor comments in articles (I prefer the old issues where the "White Dwarf" comments on stuff.) The magazine may get better.

"Fingers crossed"


A Quick Rant- WD 379 P2


Just a little more here... I have had a chance to page through the magazine (though not read most of it yet) my openions are based on first impressions!

Other than the usual first 15 pages of self stroking adds for the items of the month the rest of the issue seems to be focused on Vampire counts. That is all fine and good. I have a Vampire counts army and some new blood (pun intended) is always nice.


WTF- More Giant Monsters! The new Zombie Dragon is on a Gigantic base. Waaaay bigger than the previous model. I am somewhat worried about the sizing of the newer monster kits as they are starting to hit a cartoon(ish) level that makes the game look even more juvenile than having Matt W. as a fluff writer.

They really are going to give EVERY army some sort of new giant monster kit even when it makes no sense to do so.

Essentially the new monsters are the "Mech" of the Fantasy game. In this case an imperial Chimera REALLY is a Chimera! The Monsters are filling the roll of "Tank" in fantasy and the new larger based monsters seem to support this idea.

The New stuff coming out for Ogre's next month look to be the "Land Raiders" for WHFB. next thing you know they will come out with monster carrying cases that can be used as a monster on the board and can store your mini's as well!

In conclusion of this segment I want to Quote from the movie Jurassic Part (Original) I thinkit sums up the situation. Please apply to GW designers...

Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum): "your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."


Monday, August 8, 2011

A Quick Rant- WD 379 P1

W(hat)TF- Fantasy

I just got my new issue of WD 379. on August 8. I guess they were serious about this BS!
The New stuff came out on the 6th. This is the worst yet. I had to call direct services and switch my stuff to my local GW just so I can get it before it's old enough to wrap fish in.

I have to head out so more to come soon!!!!!


Friday, August 5, 2011


* Post is incorrect See page- 56 - Neal is correct (see comments)-honestly they really should have that comment in the shooting and not the general section*

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